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Capsaicin infused Savage Lollipop

From Ceylon Spice Heaven comes the next intense experience for those who seek the extreme xxx chilli heat! Australian made “Savage Lollipop” is like a little piece of Candy hell, and that’s why our most dedicated chilli heads love it! Made with 16 Million SHU Natural pure Capsaicin Crystals. It is Australia’s hottest Candy Challenge and must be approached with extreme caution! Get your extreme chilli loving friends together and get your GAME ON!!!


Savage Lollipop Challenge: See if you can handle the heat and consume this Lollipop without relief for at least 5 minutes!


Rules of the Savage Lollipop Challenge:
1. Yank on the Savage Lollipop; and
2. Once the Savage Lollipop is separated, crack it into pieces with your teeth and chew; and
3. Once eaten, you must go without relief for at least 5 minutes.

Check out our fans trying the Savage Lollipop Challenge on the video below:


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