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(Tanya Nanayakkara with her Family)

Born in Sri Lanka, Tanya Nanayakkara spent much of her time in Sri Lanka before moving to Australia in 2010. Since moving to Australia, Tanya tried countless curry blends and she couldn’t find anything that hit the spot, so she had to make her own… Few weeks later, she made a Sri Lankan Curry Powder. That Sri Lankan Curry Powder recipe was passed down by Tanya’s mother, it is a cherished family tradition. Tanya has been tasting and tweaking the curry powder recipe and range of curries for many years until they are aromatic and truly scrumptious!


Tanya’s curry powder is made in small batches right here in Perth, Western Australia from local and premium quality ingredients. It is carefully slow roasted and blended by hand in small batches to give them that wonderful fresh taste of Sri Lanka. Tanya’s Sri Lankan Curry Powder is plant based, dairy free, soy free and gluten free! All you need to do is open the jar, enjoy the fresh aroma and then follow her free easy to use recipes. Tanya’s curry powder is a flavor bomb, just try and see it yourself.


Tanya was inspired to make Hot and Spicy Condiments after loosing her work as a Registered Migration Agent during Australia’s international border closure.  So, she created Hot Sauces, BBQ Rub and Preserves. The Chilli Sauces are made from local ingredients that is guaranteed to excite the taste buds and give you that spicy kick you crave. The Smoky Barbecue Rub is a flavorful rub to keep on hand through the summer months. Perfect for coating Ribs, Pork Chops, Steak, Seafood and Vegetables before grilling, sprinkling on burgers for a little extra zing or use as a Dip Mix. Tanya’s other condiments (Hot Chilli Jam, Egyptian Dukkah, Chilli Crisp, Capsicum Relish and Jalapeno Relish) are also deliciously tasty when paired with cheese platters and sourdough bread.


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Ceylon Spice Heaven adheres to a strict principle that has never diverted from its humble beginning, to provide its customers good quality food products, made from WA grown fresh ingredients and premium quality ingredients, at the best possible prices.

Ceylon Spice Heaven has made a commitment to donate portion of our profits to the United Nations World Food Programme, our charity of choice, to bring life-saving food to people displaced by conflict and made destitute by disasters, and help individuals and communities find life-changing solutions to the multiple challenges they face in building better futures.

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