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At Ceylon Spice Heaven, we take pride in crafting delectable Sri Lankan Curry Powders, Hot Sauces, and Condiments in Perth. Our commitment to quality involves using fresh ingredients sourced from Western Australia to ensure authentic flavours and maximum freshness. Whether you prefer Sri Lankan Curry Blends, Barbecue Rubs, Hot Sauces, or Delicious Condiments, we have a wide range of options to satisfy your taste buds.

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Homemade Hot Sauces, Curry Blends and Preserves

Customer Reviews

This is very yummy and keeps you coming back to it. We had Tanya's Capsicum Relish recently with some Chicken Garlic Kiew Sausages and it was divine!

Adam Lambert

Amazing sauces and very fast delivery, staff was friendly.

Mohan Rajapaksha

Bought a Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce (Everlasting Fire) at Wanneroo Markets and its the absolute finest pepper sauce I've wver tasted. Great work!

Dulan Wikumpriya

Great service at Fremantle Chilli Festival 2021, Great Products! must try

Jade X

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